Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Letter #2 : On the Lord's time

Pershengjetje Familje Ime!!!!
Oh how I wish I could communicate all of this over the phone, but unfortunately we are limited for a short time! Ahhhh.. This week was one for the books!
Everything was great! I am getting so close with my district, considering there are only a four of us, and we are seriously like a little family. I love it!
The Elders in my district are seriously like my brothers! We are all so comfortable.. maybe a little too comfortable.. hahaha. Motra Hawkins gets a little upset when we goof off, 
but we don't really care and do so anyways.. haha. I feel bad. I feel like I am the good guy and she is the bad guy because she is always the one to get us back on task.. OOPS.
There are definitely reasons why we were put together! Thats for sure. She cracks the whip and keeps me in line!
1st of all, I would like to say TE LUTEM!!!!! for all of the dear elders and nice gifts this week! I definitely needed them and they are so appreciated!!! Mom, you are seriously an angel..
Your packages came at the perfect times and just made my day so much better! I am so grateful for you! I love being updated on normal life, because everything in the MTC is so routine and never changes!
How are things? How is home? KACI B WAS KICKED OFF BACHELOR??? HOW?! She is my favorite! haha. I shouldn't be worrying about stupid reality TV shows, but I can't help it. haha.
So typically, I have at least one weekly breakdown that occurs towards the beginning of each week! hahaha. I'm such a boob. This week the language got to me and I became frustrated with myself.
I think I just expect too much of myself and expect that I become fluent over night, but unfortunately it doesn't quite work like that. I have to be patient with myself and remember that good things take time and
we learn best line upon line, precept upon precept. This principle has been a huge one for me to learn this week.. But really, your great love and words of encouragement help me so much when the going gets tough! 
This week I really learned so much! I cannot believe how much I have learned here already! I have only been here 2 weeks but I feel like it has been 2 months! hahaha. We have 16 hour days here.. 
They are SOOOO LONG!!! The craziest part about it though is that the weeks fly by! Its crazy.. I don't understand it but its true.
On Tuesday night we had a devotional with L. Whitney Clayton, of the Quorem of the Seventy. Him and his wife gave the greatest talks all about missionary work. 
It really helped to change my perspective on the mission and it also helped me to have a happy heart. Sister Clayton gave a great lesson and focused on our attitudes and our growth. 
One of my favorite quotes from her was "The edges of our comfort zones and the perimeters of our capacities are the areas in which Heaven steps in and helps us grow."
This is so true! If we never leave our comfort zones, we will never grow! I have felt that so much this week when I pray for help and strength, as long as I do my part and have faith, The Lord does all the rest.
Although the MTC is difficult at times, I am stretching and growing spiritually more than I ever have before. The Lord is shaping me, and molding me into the missionary that He wants me to become. 
We are being polished and refined so we can become more diligent and converted servants of the Lord. It is such a cool opportunity that we get as missionaries to hear from the General Authorities!
I hope that I get the opportunity to hear someone from the Quorem of the Twelve before I leave! 

Literally the night before I got here, freaking Jeffrey R. Holland came and spoke!!!!!! Can you believe that? I was so mad that I missed it by ONE DAY!!!!! ONE DAY PEOPLE!!!!! 
Ahhh.. hopefully I get another opportunity to hear from someone awesome! Not that the Seventy's aren't awesome, but a member from the Twelve would be soooo sweet!
Anyways.. This week during personal study, I was reading in Mosiah and I found the most killer scriptures that perfectly define my duty as a missionary. You should look them up!
The best ones are Mosiah 26:20-21 and Mosiah 28:3. They are so incredible and make me want to be a better servant of the Lord. 

I am so grateful the I am able to be one of the 59,000 missionaries in the world today. Right under my name on my name tag is the reason for my service. 
Jesus Christ, my Savior, Lord, and Redeemer is the reason for it all. I am honored to wear his name with pride and I hope that I can make a small difference in the lives of those ready to hear the Gospel. 
I am out of time but I love love love love love all of you so much and I am so grateful to have such fabulous people in my life. 
Thank you for being the best!!!

Love your love,
Sister Shauntel Forte/Motra Forte

Une te dua!!!!