Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Letter #4: Pershendetje Familjen i Bukur!!!!

Pershendetje Familjen i Bukur!!!!
How are you all?! Ahhhh I look forward to P-days so much so I can hear from you and tell you everything that is going on here! First of all.. GUESS WHAT?!
I hit my 1/2 WAY MARK ON FRIDAY!!!!!! Can you believe that? yeah.. me neither! 4.5 weeks down, 4.35 weeks to go!!! :)
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TOMORROW!!!!!! I may not be able to give you all a big smooch in person, but here is a big SMOOOOOOCH through the internet!!!! MUAHHHHH!!!!!
Did you get it? Cuz you should've! When is Domi's Concert for dance? Please record it cuz you best believe I will be watching it when I come home! 
Dad: I am so excited for you and this BIG Xbox deal!!! How exciting for you! Good luck with everything! I know you will kill it! :) I appreciate your dearelders and spiritual messages so so so so so much! Thank you thank you! You and mom sure know how to make me cry. its terrible. Thank you so much though.
Mom: You are the best mom in the world! ANOTHER PACKAGE? I'm pretty sure I am the most spoiled missionary in the MTC and I love it. SO MUCH! Thank you thank you thank you! Seriously, mother's intuition is a real things, because this week I totally broke out and then you sent me my favorite colored Soniclaire to clear up my skin and it totally has worked mom! You are the greatest woman. Thank you!
So this week was a great one. Just like all of them are. I am doing so great! Thank you all so much for all of your prayers and love you have sent me! Last night I was able to sing in the choir in Devotional last night! IT WAS SO POWERFUL!!!!
Ahhhhh. The spirit is seriously the best thing. I have a little advice.. not to be all preachy or anything, but whenever you get the chance, kneel down and pray and ask to have the Spirit with you.
If you are making good choices and doing the things you are supposed to, I promise the Spirit will be with you. We all need to strive to have the Spirit with us all day long. Cuz it really is the best. 
And it tell us things that we just wouldn't be able to figure out or feel by ourselves. I LOVE IT!
Haha, so guess what.. This week I found out that we literally use the dictionary from Taken. When Liam Neeson is in the rental car with the Albanian translator, they are using my dictionary! COOL HUH?
I thought it was pretty funny! I am finally getting to the point where I can understand Albanian pretty well. It is the craziest phenomenon being able to understand a foreign language. I can speak pretty well, yet pretty slow.. haha. I am learning more and more each and every day!
This week I me and my district are focusing on emulating the Faith of the Savior! My awesome teacher, Vellai McGlothin shared an awesome message and passage of scripture with us. He said, "There is no room for fear and doubt. We must fill our hearts with faith." I suggest that you all go read this passage as well. It is in Matthew Chapter 14:24-32. It is the story where Christ is approaching the disciple's boat, walking on the water, and Peter asks Christ if he can walk on the water to Jesus and Christ said, "Come." At first Peter got out of the ship and walked a ways to Jesus, then the second he thought inward about his humanly abilities, he began to fear and doubt, thus, his faith was gone and he began to sink! He cried out unto the Lord and said, "Lord, save me." and Jesus immediately stretched fortch his hand and caught him and said to him, "O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?"
I can completely liken this scripture to my life right now. Honestly, it is almost humanly impossible to learn a language in 8 weeks. It just cannot be done. It can only be done through our faith in the Savior. We must always have faith that we can do all things. We can do ALL things in the Savior. Not just SOME things, but ALL things. This really has taught me to keep an eternal perspective while I am on this mission. We can do all things if we have faith. Just with a particle of faith, we could move a mountain. Think of the possibilities. I have faith that I WILL learn the Albanian language and through my faith, I will bring people unto Christ. 
I love all and Miss you all dearly and I hope you have a fabulous week!
Love your favorite missionary,
Sister Forte/Shaunie Bear

P.S. tell the boys to write me. I wanna hear from my punk little brothers! I miss beating them up. It was so much fun! haha.
P.P.S. Please send me pictures. I am deprived of my family and I miss you oh so much! 
P.P.P.S. Tell Grandma Robin I LOVED HER PACKAGE!!!! thank you thank you thank you! :)