Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Letter #6: Week 7 BABY!!!!

Week 7 baby!!!!
Can you believe it? I have been here forever it seems like!!! haha. But I have just around 2 1/2 weeks left and I AM OUTTA HERE!!!!! BAHH!!! ALBANIA HERE I COME!!!
I believe we get our travel plans this week and I am tripping out! 
My fabulous District!!

So this week so far has been INCREDIBLE!!!
Reasons why...

1. Last night Elder M. Russell Ballard from the Quorem of the Twelve Apostles came and spoke to us!
It was the most incredible thing.. I can't even express to you effectively through my words through this email how powerful even just his presence in the MTC was! It was so cool! He spoke with such conviction and power that no one could deny the words that he was saying! He truly is a servant and an Apostle of the Lord! He spoke about many things, but the main points that I got from his message was that we must not shrink! The Lord is entrusting us with the divine responsibility of spreading His Gospel across the world, and we have to OPEN OUR MOUTHS WITH CONFIDENCE! We know the message that we have to share because most of us have been learning it our whole lives all the way back to Primary! Also, he said that we must Ignite the testimony inside of us of the Savior Jesus Christ and His great message to go share it with others. If we seek guidance and surrender our will to the Lord, He is entitled to help us carry His message to the people that are ready to hear it! If we all trust in the Lord, He will trust in you. Elder Ballard said multiple times, "THE SON OF GOD LIVES." This stuck out to me so much, because not only does he have a testimony, He is a witness. This blew my mind. This man that came to speak to us last night has likely seen the Savior, and he gave us his witness last night that our Savior, and Redeemer lives today. What a blessing is it to know that! 
My cute package from Auntie Jillie!

2. In the lunch room last week, a random Elder came up to me, handed me an envelope and walked away! The envelope said, "READ ME." on the front and the letter inside said "Hey just wanted to give you this note and tell you that you are very Beautiful... WRITE ME? --Elder Gasu." and he gave me his address! hahaha. It was a very nice gesture.. and it made my whole day! I am not interested at all, and i don't completely support his doing, but it definitely made me feel good! hahaha.

3. One day this week my district leader came up to me with a smug face and said.. Guess who got all of the mail today?" and he handed me 7 Dear Elders and a Package Slip!! It was amazing! I felt so loved and happy to receive so much love and to hear from all of my favorite people!

Mom your packages are the greatest things! Thank you so much for being the best mom any girl could ask for! haha. I may not have room to bring everything to Albania, but I will make it work! hahaha. 
Also, I received the most thoughtful package from Auntie Jillie! Will you please tell her thank you so much! it was the cutest thing and it made me so happy to hear from her!

Meghan/Hermana Godfrey leaves this week!!!
We finally got a picture together!
How is everything going at home?! I pray for each of you every day and I absolutely love hearing from you! I'm sorry that it takes me so long to get back to all of you but I want you to know that I think about you everyday and I pray for you always! 

This Church is true. There is nothing more to it. This week my testimony has grown so immensely. I have such strong faith in my Savior, Jesus Christ and I know that He atoned for all of our sins. Through Him, We can do all things. I have such a strong testimony that He will help carry us through any challenge that we are faced with. I love this Gospel and I love missionary work! 
I am out of time, but I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
Thanks for being the best always!
Love, Motra Forte