Monday, April 22, 2013

Letter #14: Its that time of week again! :)

Hey, hey baby!!! I want to kno-o-o-o-oh, if you'll be my girl!!!
(This song has been in my head all day!) haha.

Pershendetje toke!

What's up lovely people? I hope all is well back in America! Ahhh. I heard about the tragic events that are going down in Boston! WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE WORLD?! I thought I was coming to serve in the "war zone" but apparently, America is the new war zone! How tragic. 
This is the city shot from the top of the fortress!!!
Can you count all of the mosques??
The Albanian word for mosque is Gjami! haha.
I got your fabulous package family!!! Thank you so much for treating me to good! I am too spoiled.. That is for sure! Thank you for all of your love that you put into each and every item! Ahhh.. Mom, thank you for all of your time and effort you put into your sweet packages to me and for finally making the boys right me! haha. It was such a joy to receive their letters and to hear how they are doing! I hope your vacation was good! I can't wait to hear all about it!
This week has been such a fabulous one! We have had such a great week! Definitely one for the books :)
Some of my weekly highlights:
* GUESS WHAT?! This week we received a shipment from Albania and now we have pictures hung up in the church! They are so beautiful and the church is really feeling so much more like a church now! I have always taken the pictures and furniture for granted in our beautiful church buildings at home. Here is Kosovo, our church is just a building with two rooms for teaching, a kitchen, and a chapel where we have our sacrament meetings, and every other event at the church! haha. It's kinda crazy, but its all that we have here! Once we get 80 active members here in Kosovo, we can build a real church building! How cool will that be when they get a REAL church building here! Ahhh.. I cannot wait for that day! Right now we have about 15 active members, but that number varies each week! Kosovars are pretty flakey and don't really understand the importance of church. We are doing our best to build up the church here and to establish strong roots for the church to blossom here! I feel so lucky to be a part of the building up of this church. I know that the work is moving forward here in Kosovo, and as I continue to put my faith in the Lord, He will direct me to the people that are ready to receive His Gospel.
All of the roofs are red roofed! Its so beautiful here!
This is me taking it all in! Isn't the city gorgeous?
There is a stream that runs down the middle and bridges
that cross over in leading to the Gjami!
* We have been trying all we can to help our investigators progress here. It has been quite the difficult task, because right now we feel as if most of our investigators are stagnant and are not progressing. One of our investigators that has been progressing however, is this incredible girl named Dardania. She has been meeting with the missionaries for 5 months now and has come so far! This past week there has been a special spark in her though that was not there before. It is physically evident that the Spirit of the Lord is taking a place in her heart and helping her increase her faith and progess in the Gospel. She has been praying to receive an answer to know that the church is true, and it has been a difficult task for her as the Spirit is a difficult one to recognize if you have never felt it before. We have been trying our best to help her learn how to recognize the Spirit, and we shared D&C 9:8 with her to help her realize to process in order to receive an answer. It really helped me as well to recognize this process, and I know that if we all have faith, and study out decisions in our life, the Lord will give us an answer! Please pray for Dardania that she might receive an answer that the church is true and that she might have the courage to go against the Muslim culture here and decide to be baptized! We need all of the blessings we can get!
This is the fountain in the middle of the city called the
fountain of health! haah. Aparently if you drink from it,
it will give you good health and make you healthy! haha.
I didn't drink from it in fear that I would get sick! ha.
*On Friday night, we had a talent show with the members and it was such a success! So many of the members participated and is was such a good time! Lots of our investigators showed up and shared their talents with us as well which was so good to get them acquainted with the members and for them to feel of the Spirit in our church! Some of my favorites were this cutie named Valmira, she is 18 and she is a black-belt in Karate! She showed us a few of her routines and it was so rad! Fidan, one of our investigators showed us his sketch book containing his art and it was so good! Then at the end, Fidan, Valmira, and one of Kosovo's first members here, Donika, did a traditional Kosovar dance! It was so fun to watch! At the end of the show, we all danced traditional dances together and it was so much fun. This is what is it all about! To get people to get a glimpse of the happiness that our church brings to them. THIS IS THE PLAN OF HAPPINESS PEOPLE!!! We have the truth and how lucky we are to have this knowledge to share with the world. We need to always being opening our mouths. One realization that I have come to already here on my mission is that I NEVER want to stop being a missionary! We can all be missionaries until the day we die! We have an obligation to share what we know with others, whether it be our neighbors, our friends, our families, our co-workers, whoever will listen!!! This is such a great blessing that we have and everyone deserves to know the truth.
There is this awesome tunnel that I'm sure was used for
all kinds of purposes in war! How sweet is that?
*On Saturday night, we had the opportunity to go play soccer with the branch at the embassy housing, where a cute American Family in the branch lives, and it was the BOMB!  The Embassy housing is literally like a "little" America over here in Kosovo! It felt so good to feel a little bit of home there! haha. It felt so good to play soccer again and to enjoy it with everyone here! Soccer/Futbol is their sport over here and everyone is so good at it! 

*Today we went to a town called Prizren that happens to be the oldest city in Kosovo! It was SO awesome and so old! When I think of old Europe, I think of Prizren. It was beautiful! We hiked up to this war fortress at the top of the city that looks over everything and it was so beautiful! One of the Elders that came with us counted all of the mosques at the top, and guess how many there were just in Prizren... 36 MOSQUES!!! Can you believe it? It is incredible. We have quite a work to do. I can't wait for the Gospel to reach all of Kosovo! After the fortress, we walked around the city and satisfied our touristy needs, visited a mosque, and then went to this ancient Turkish bathhouse that is centuries old. It was pretty rad! I sometimes feel like I am walking around in a postcard here.. It is so awesome!
Anyways, I hope all is going well back home and that you are safe! I pray for your safety every day! Pray for me and I will pray for you! We need all of the blessings we can get here in Kosovo! 
Keep your heads up and remember that your favorite missionary in Kosovo LOVES YOU!
Love you always,
Une te dua shume!
Motra Forte