Monday, April 29, 2013

Letter #15: Funny story of the week

Mirëdita Familje ime!!!!
How are you doing my loves?? Ahhhh.. I have missed all so much this week and I hope all is going oh so well with all of the crazy things going on at home! How is football going boys?? Lacrosse? I bet you are tearing it up!! Yeah. and speaking of tearing it up, me and Motra Hoover tore it up this week in Kosovo baby! We got 6 new investigators! WOOP WOOP! Yeah it has been a pretty exciting week! We have met all of our goals and surpassed some even! The Lord blesses you when you are obedient! That is a great lesson that I have come to learn more and more each week.

Let me tell ya a little bit about my week this week.. Oh what a stellar week it was! This week we had the amazing opportunity to go to Albania for our Mission Conference with the whole mission!!! Ahhh.. it was so much fun! After waking up at 3 in the morning and taking a 4 hour bus ride to Albania, we made it and had such a good time! The crazy thing is, when you think of a general mission conference, you would picture around maybe 100 missionaries, 200 or maybe even more! haha.. yeah, not mine! My mission, although it covers 4 countries now, only has 48 missionaries, 8 of us being sister missionaries! CRAZY OR WHAT?? Yeah.. I was trippin too! We are definitely the minority here, but it makes our responsibility that much greater! The conference was rad. President Ford, our mission president is the BOMB DOT COM!!!! Seriously. He is the best ever. He is from England so he has the coolest accent! I could listen to him and his wife for dayssss. Anyways, it was so awesome to be all together with everyone, fighting for the same cause of righteousness and bringing people to Christ. What a great calling we have here! 

Funny story of the week:
Me and Motra Hoover were street contacting and we said hello to this Muslim lady, all decked out in her head dress, long skirt, the whole bit, and she comes up to us, in what seemed to be a harmless matter, and started asking how we knew Jesus Christ was the Son of God. We testified that we knew these things from the Power of the Holy Ghost and SHE WENT OFFFFF!!! hahaha. I have never been so traumatized in my whole life. She was yelling her head off saying, "You are a liar! Muhammed was the last Prophet on the Earth and Jesus Christ is not the Son of God!!! When we meet again in the next life you will see that these things are false!!! BLAH BLAH BLAH... ahhhh. how sad I felt for this woman. She just didn't know a thing and is so completely confused. The people here are so brainwashed and are so ignorant of the truth. If only they knew that the traditions of their fathers were false! I will see that woman again in the next life and have to say.. Welp, I told ya so! haha. ahhh.. I am terrible. I will go repent right now. 
This is the beautiful Kosovan Sky!

Another highlight from the week. We street contacting this woman named Enime and met with her the following day with her and her daughter Vlera as well! And can I just say.. The Lord has completely prepared these two! They were asking so many wonderful questions and they told us that they would be baptized when they came to know that these things are true! Without hesitation they accepted the invitation and they asked US, "When can we meet next? Do you have a church service we can attend?" Oh yeah baby! Talk about a miracle! It was really special. We are meeting with them again tomorrow and I can't wait to see what things lie ahead for them! 

So I got an e-mail from Breea in France, and it turns out that she is teaching a family that is from KOSOVO!!!! Small world or what? I was dying! So Bree asked me to write up my testimony for them so the mother that doesn't speak a lick of English or French could feel the Spirit through my words! I felt so honored that she asked me to do so and so here it is!!! Enjoy! Maybe you could google translate it or something.. hahaha.
The military members are being transfered from Kosovo this week!
Emrinë ime është Motra Forte edhe jam një misionare në Prishtinë tash. Unë e dua Kosov edhe jam shumë mirënjohes për mundesi që unë kam të sherbej njerëzit ketu! Unë di që kët kishë, kishë e Jezu Krishtit të Shenjtorëve të Ditëve të Mevonshme është i vërtetë edhe që Jezu Krishtit është Birin e Perëndisë dhe Shpetimtari e botës. E di që ne të gjithë jemi femijet e Perëndise edhe një ditë ne të gjithë mund të jetojmë me Atë prop nese ne ndjekimi shembullin e Jezu Krishtit dhe pagëzohemi si të ka bërë. Unë shpresoj që ju mund të dini keto gjona gjithasthu me anë të lutjës. Ju duhet të leximi Libri i Mormonit dhe luteni për një pergjigje nga Ati Qiellor edhe unë e di që ai do të ju pergjigë. Une kam marrë një pergjigje nga Perëndia dhe tash unë e di për vetem ime, dhe unë kam marrë shumë lumteri nga kjo njohuri që unë kam. Degjo të Shpirt e Perëndisë edhe ju mund të dini c'farë është i drejtë. Unë thoj kët gjona në omër të Jezu Krishtit, Amen.

I love you all so much and I am so grateful for all of your love and support! You are the best and I pray for you every day!!!
Have such a lovely week and remember that your missionary in Kosovo loves you BIG TIME!!!!!!!

Keep Smiling and Read your Scriptures!
ps. Check out John 15:16-19 :)
Love Motra Forte
Shauntel Louise <3333 xoxoxo