Monday, May 6, 2013

Letter #16: Strength Beyond My Own..

Oh family.. guess what?!! 
I get to call you next Sunday!!!!! 
(you can delete this part out of the email if you want)
So I am thinking that the best time will be for us to call you at 7:00 am your time, 3:00 pm our time and WE GET TO SKYPE!!!!! Yeahhhh baby!!!! So if that works for ya I definitely works for us! I don't want you to miss any church! hahaha. So plan on that! I am not sure how exactly it will all work out, but WAKE UP!!! WHO NEEDS SLEEP WHEN YOU CAN TALK TO YOUR FAVORITE PERSON IN KOSOVO??  haahha. Yes, so keep your phone on, your email on, and skype me to my user or my account.. I think it is something like, shauntel.forte.. haha. This is so terrible. I'm hoping it all works out! But it will be fantastic! I cannot wait to talk with you all! So I don't have much time to write this week, but its all good because I will fill you all in in 6 days!!! WOOO HOOO!!!!! If you cant tell, I'm just a little excited! haha.

So today our P-day was absolutely rockin!!! We went to these GORGEOUS water falls called Marusha Falls! Google it or something! It has around 12 cascades or something like that, but we only hiked up to the 5th one! It was unlike anything I had ever seen! So beautiful!!! Successful P-day, AGAIN!!! I think next week we are going to Macedonia for P-day! Whats up? haha. Im super excited! ahhh.. this keyboard has sticky keys and its real hard to type!

These pics are all from Marusha Falls!!!
IT IS A DREAM!!!!!!!!
This week was such a great week! I have become so close with all of our members especially Gjon and Valmira! They are the strongest people I have ever met and their faith is such a strong example to me. I am strengthened by them each time I meet with them. Both of them are continually growing in the Spirit and it is such a beautiful thing. We had a lesson with one of my other favorite members, Aida, and Gjon sat in, and lets just say the Spirit took over that lesson and was it was so evident that the prescence of the Spirit was there! We started talking about how the Book of Mormon and Prayer give us strength beyond our own, and I was able to share my experience as a missionary with the Strength of the Lord. I told both of them that there was no possible way I could do the Lord's work without the help of His directing hand that pushes me to keep moving forward. They both shared powerful experiences of how the Lord has strengthened them and it was so amazing. Both of them were just glowing with the Spirit and I am so lucky to have taken a part in hearing their testimonies and seeing how the Gospel has strengthened their lives. Gjon is progressing towards recieving the Preisthood, and he is literally a changed man. He is such a happier man and the light of Christ just shines from His eyes.

we found a turtle on our adventure!!!! hahaha.
alta will die laughing..
This week I have really recognized the hand of the Lord. He is hand-prepared one of our investigators. His name is Agim and he is fantastic. He is an older man that is Muslim but is open to learning about other religions. He has been reading the Book of Mormon as we have commited him and he loves it! HE IS EATING IT UP!!!! This is such a joy for me to see! We are actually teaching someone that wants to learn and wants to believe!!! It is such a blessing from the Lord. Having so much dissapointment and rejection gets pretty tough sometimes, but I have grown a thick skin. They ALL will one day know! That is the ultimate blessing.

I am so happy to be serving here in Kosovo. I am in love with the people! Each and everyone of our investigators and members. They are my second little family out here and it is such an increible thing to watch each of them grow in their faith in our Savior. I love missionary work! Although at the end of the day, after I have exerted every last bit of energy I can muster, and my body is absolutely exhausted it is the most rewarding thing I have ever done!

I hope you all of the best week and that things are going so great with everything! I CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR FROM YOU NEXT SUNDAY!!!!! BEST DAY EVER!!!!!
I love each of you with all of my heart!
Love Motra Forte