Monday, May 13, 2013

Letter #17: How Sweet Is The Work.. :)

This fountain was absolutely incredible..
I feel like I am in Vienna or something
So yesterday was absolutely magical. Best Mother's Day I have ever had! That's for sure.. :) I was on cloud 9 all day, you have no idea!!!! Thank you for all of your beautiful words of encouragement and for being so awesome! After I got off with you I wiped away a few tears and just said, "Sheesh.. I seriously have the best family in the world!!!!!" Its so true. I really do!!!! Thank you for being the best support system any missionary could ask for! You are my angels :)
This is Alexander the Great..
oh and Sister Forte the great.. :)
So right now I am in Macedonia for P-day writing you this letter!! How awesome is that? haha. Yeah, its not every day of your life that you get the opporunity to go to Macedonia for the day! Woooo! Its overcast today, but it is still SO BEAUTIFUL!!! So they say on a level of class and poverty, Albania is the lowest, then Kosovo, then Macedonia, then Montenegro! I can totally vouch for that now.. Macedonia is stunning! They have all of these incredible statues that make me feel like I am in Italy or something.. Its amazing. We walked around the city for a while then we headed up to this fortress on the side of the hill! Us missionaries, being the rebels we are, broke in to a couple of the towers and climbed up to the top to look over the city! We walked around the whole fortress in an "off-limits" zone until 2 angry Macedonians started blowing their whistle at us and freaking out! hahah. OOPS. The Macedonian Elders were faking that they didn't understand what they were saying so we didn't get in any trouble and have to pay a fee.. haha. This whole language barrier sometimes comes in handy! If they would have responded in Macedonian, we would have had to pay up for trespassing.. haha. oopsies!
Here is a pic of the fortess and it looks over the city!
This week has been quite the week! I told you a lot yesterday, but I left out a few of the hard details! This week we got 7 new investigators.. Did you hear that correctly? YES YOU  DID! Seven new investigators baby! Yeah.. We were pretty stoked about it. We started teaching some girls that we found on the road, and some of them are showing a lot of interest. Here in Kosovo family is a huge deal in the Muslim culture and that is something that I really admire about them. We had a great talk and really focused on how the Family is central to God's plan and how the Lord gave us our families to learn, to grow, and to love. They were all on board with us and told us how much they all loved their families. We tied in how because the Lord loves us so dearly, he also sent His son, Jesus Christ, for us all to pay for all of the sins of the world so that we could one day return to Him. This concept is obviously something they have never heard before because they only consider Jesus Christ to be a good man, but I really feel that the Spirit was present and testified to them that this was true. All four of the girls we were teaching were so intently listening and I really feel that we pricked a part of their hearts and brought back some of the knowledge that they used to know. Its a beautiful thing to share the Gospel with these people, because as missionaries, we are simply reminding them of knowledge that they used to know before this life. They all will come to a perfect understanding one day, and I cannot wait for that great day!
This is looking over the city!
The poppy in my hair is from this beautiful patch of poppies
that are all over Macedonia right now! They are gorgeous!
On Sunday, we had pretty few numbers because many of our investigators and members went home to their villages for the weekend to be with their families. That has been one of the major struggles out here... CHURCH ATTENDENCE. Some of these people just don't understand the full importance of church yet, so that is something that we have to keep working on. We had 6 new faces show up to the church this week though.. and they were in uniform with an American Flag on their arms! They were soldiers from the base in Film City that just arrived this week from Utah!!! They brought their love from the US and were very kind to us. They also told us that 53 other Mormon soldiers had arrived as well! haha. Too bad our church is too small.. There is no way we could fit that many inside! One of the soldiers was so awesome and went around to introduce himself to all of the members and some of our investigators. He came up to me afterwards and said, I have done my homework a little bit before I came here, and I want to help in building up the church here in Kosovo! It was such an awesome thing to hear that this soldier wanted to take part in this work :)
I just wanted to tell you again how great of a joy it was to skype with you yesterday! Have the greatest week and know that your little girl in Kosovo thinks of you everyday! I love you forever!
Motra Forte