Monday, June 10, 2013

Letter #21: Transfers Week!!!

Hello world.

So the time has come. Last night the news came from President Ford...
It is time for me to cut the ambillical cord and spread my wings as I have been assigned to stay in Prishtina, Kosovo and train!!! A 3-month-old training?!! YOU BETCHA! haha. In all honestly I am a little anxious, but I know that it will be unbelievable changing experience for me and I am so excited to be staying here in Prishtina!!! I love the people here with all of my heart and I am not ready to leave them! Now I will have to be a big girl, and show this city what the Lord has in store for them! Its a little nerve-racking realizing that I will basically be on my own having only been here for three months, . . . but I know that I am never alone. This is the Lord's work and I have faith that He will help me every step of the way!

I am so happy that I have had such a fabulous time serving with Sister Hoover. We are such good friends and it is so sad to be leaving her, but I also know that change is good, and the Lord is entrusting me to train one of His other servants, so I just can't turn that opportunity down!

This week was a bit upsetting.. Just like Dad called it!!!! The trials are here.. All five of my districts baptisms fell through.. ALL IN ONE DAY! Can you believe that? Only in Kosovo, would all 5 baptism dates fall through in one day. The most upsetting one, unfortunately, was Kamil, the Elder's 18-year-old investigator who was supposed to get baptized this week, could not be baptized because his father would not allow him. His father freaked out and said, "You are to never speak to those Mormon's again!" Such a bummer because he was SO excited to be baptized and to enter into the Lord's fold.. So disappointing. But I know in the due time of the Lord Kamil will be baptized. It is just a matter of time that one baptism will actually go through and everyone will feel the power of the sacred priesthood ordinance and people will be lining up to be dunked!!!! haha. oops.. I probably shouldn't tease around like that.. But in all sincerity, I know that the time is near that these people will have enough courage to take the leap!!

Sorry I didn't have too much time to write today but I want you to all know that I love you so much and I appreciate all of your great love and support that you show me! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE!

ps. I would like to give a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to my baby girl Alta Elizabeth Roberts on her engagement to Austin Engamann!!! URIME! I am so happy for the two of you and all I'm saying is that if you don't make a card-board cut out of me for the wedding line, there is going to be some serious problems.. haha. Just playin. Love you!

Love your favorite missionary,
Motra Shauntel Louise Forte