Monday, July 8, 2013

Letter #25: I need to live in a plastic bubble.

Its a beautiful day in Kosovo today! 
The skies are so blue and the sun is a'shinin! I love it here. Really, I do.
A few more from the group on the 4th celebrating Aferdita's Birthday!

How are things in the  good ol' US?! I bet your 4th of July celebration wasn't as good as ours! haha. This week was such a fabulous week. We did a lot of finding. So many new souls in our clientele that are progressing so quickly.. 
The after-party! haha.
We found this amazing guy named Pajtim. He is 29 years old and really just wants to know the truth. Funny story about him. So we were contacting on the Boulevard and he walked passed very slowly.. lingered on the side of us for a minute, looked down at his phone as if he received a message, then walked a circle around us, and FINALLY came up and talked to us! It was so funny. He came up and talked to us about the Book of Mormon. He had SO many questions it was fabulous! He told us his theory about religion and this is what he said, "Religions are like political parties that stir up hate towards other religions." We were able to meet with him two days later and we quickly changed his idea on this. We told him that the Gospel of Jesus Christ does just the opposite. It brings us the most peace, comfort, and happiness, spreading love across the world. He ate up every word we said about the Restoration. He asked very detailed questions such as, "So if I choose to become a member tomorrow, how will I know that this Mormon's Book is true?" 
What a fabulous question! Are you serious? The Lord has really outdone himself this time. This man is so great and he is so prepared. We taught him the Plan of Salvation last night and committed him to prepare for baptism on the 27th of July! Heck yeah baby. It is such a beautiful thing the watch the Spirit work on these people. I know he knows these things are true. 
So if you didn't know already, I am the biggest clutz and I totally ate it
two days ago while we were playing soccer in the morning with our Kosovars!
Sheesh. Its a bit painful. OUCHY. Just as I am getting over my sickness.
Goodness. I need to live in a plastic bubble. 
Then another fabulous thing.. We finally met with Hana Shtufi and her husband. And yes, I just found out her name is in fact Hana, not Hene. Sorry for the miscommunication! haha. It was such a great meeting. Both of them were so attentive and are really in such a humbled state. They are willing to do anything the Lord wants of them to find help that they need for their daughter. We explained that as they do the things that the Lords wants of them, He will bless their life and provide a way for them to help their daughter. In the end of our lesson, Sister Jones felt inspired to offer to send their X-rays of their daughter's legs to her son who is a doctor in America. Their eyes welled up with tears as they felt like this was an answer to their prayers. They were so excited and had a glimpse of hope for their daughter. We told them that sometimes we are given challenges and trials to bring us to the knowledge of the truth. I have no doubt that this is true. I believe that we found the Shtufi family for a reason. They are so prepared and need the Lord's help as this difficult time in their life. In the end of the lesson, we commited The husband, Valerjan, to be baptized on July 19th with Hana and he accepted. They came to church on Sunday as a family and dressed up to the nines! It was the best thing. Her hair was all done up and he was in nice slacks and a white shirt!
We had a 4th of July BBQ on the 5th of July and it was such a success! Everyone loved trying their first American burger and really had a good time. Aferdita told me, "This is my first American BBQ! I have only seen them on movies!" Afterwards, we taught them to line dance and played fun American music to introduce them to American culture. Such a great time. Many of them didn't get it and didn't join in, then the second we started playing traditional Albanian music, everyone hopped up and joined in their funny circle dances together. I wish I could explain how funny it really is! I love the culture here. It is so different really.
Ahhhh, so here we are at the beginning of a new week! I hope it goes as well as last week! I love you all and hope you are having a fabulous summer! Get some sun for me will ya? Have any fun Powell trips planned? If so, don't tell me about them.. haha. Just teasing!

love love love you.
Sister Forte