Monday, July 22, 2013

Letter #27: Here comes the sun, doo doo doo doo...

Here comes the sun, doo doo doo doo...

Oh my dearly beloved.
The baptism!!!!!
It was absolutely breathtaking..
I am sure the water was for them as well! hahaha.
I come to you at the beginning of this new and promising week to tell you of the many wonderful things that are happening over in the Balkan countries of the European Continent. A marvelous work is about the come forth among the children of men. Many miracles are unfolding. Many works are giving way. Not the mention on Saturday, July the 20th, our branch had its first baptism all year, and the first baptism in 7 whole months! What a beautiful baptism it was indeed! haha. Okay, I can't keep this serious any longer! Missionary work is so awesome!!! Everything is happening at this time and it is getting the ball rolling to more and more successes!
Us girlies after the baptism!
Sonila Cehu, 19, was baptized by her newly wedded husband, Kristo Cehu, 20, on the beautiful July afternoon, in Bardovac Lake close to the city of Graqonica! It was so incredible to be able to watch the baptism and feel of the divine priesthood power that was demostrated. We had 3 of our investigators there to witness it, along with many members, and I know that each of them felt something special. Pajtim, Dafina, and Aferdita were all there, and it was their first baptism to ever experience! Pajtim was so ecstatic and asking so many questions like, "So when I am baptised I have to wear one of those funny outfits as well?" Sister Robertson asked him how he felt after the ordinance and he said, "I felt a little emotional. It is really cool how she now can be clean from her sins!" How amazing is this work. Leading by example is the way to get this work moving. Dardania was glowing after the baptism and although she may still have thousands more questions to ask before she commits to anything, I AM SURE SHE FELT THE HOLY GHOST!!! I am so glad we were able to get all of them to the baptism! This is reminding me of an awesome scripture!! Its D&C 127:17

The Group at the lake just before the baptism!
I have my arm around Kristi's mother, the mother in law of Sonila!
17 Therefore, dearly beloved brethren, let us acheerfully bdo all things that lie in our power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the csalvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed.

Just like it says, we must do all things that lie in our power, cheerfully, like get them to the baptism, and then the Lord will do the rest! This is His work and He will help us to accomplish His tasks!!! Lets just say, the flame inside me has been kindled and is burning bright. burn baby burn!  I am so motivated to find more people to make this amazing 1st covenant with their Heavenly Father!

We have some incredible things happening around these parts. This baptism is just opening up the flood gates and soon people will be lining up to be baptized! hahaha. Right now, we have 3 baptism dates set and I am really excited!
Lets start from the beginning: (its a very good place to start..)

Here is us and Pajtim! We will be back here with him soon!!!!
Pajtim: About 3 weeks ago, we had an exchange with the Sister Trainer Leaders and I got to spend the day with Sister Molifua. She is adorable by the way. So we were on the Boulevard for about an hour and a half and up walks this kinda awkward tall man, he looks down at the Book of Mormon we were holding, took a few steps to the side of us, pulls out his phone, pretends to open a text of some sort, then he made a complete loop around us, and came right back to speak with us! hahaha. It was hilarious! We got to talking to him and he was so intereseted about what our religion included. He first posed his idea of religions being like political parties, but now after having taught him for 2.5 weeks, we have definitely changed his mind! He is incredible. First off, he speaks such great english and insists that we teach him in it, and second, he is a human-sponge and soaks up every once of information that we give him! This past week we just committed him to live the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity! He told us that he is coming the an understanding of the of these truths and feels a comfort about everything he has learned! He explained to him that those feelings of comfort and understanding come from the Holy Ghost. He got a big smile on his face and kept asking more and more questions about the Holy Ghost. He is like a hunger little child that just wants more and more chicken nuggets and fries!!! It is the best thing ever to teach someone that wants to learn and is just so evidently ready for the Gospel in their life! I have no doubt in my mind that Pajtim was prepared by the hand of the Lord. He is ready! After seeing the baptism, he is getting so excited and gearing up for his own baptism! There is nothing holding him back!
Sister Robertson and me at the lake!

Hana & Valerjan: This past week we were unable to meet with them because they were out of town, but Hana came to church by herself and is still planning on being baptized we just have to change the date because their vaca got us off of our teaching schedule! They both are so amazing and willing to do whatever is necessary that the Lord expects of them! I am excited to teach them this week to get them up and going again! Its always a little bummer when you have great momentum in the teaching, and then it gets halted! Its not a problem though, we will get them up to speed in no time!

Prishtina sunsets!!
This Sunday was the Prishtina Branch's 1st Annual Branch Conference ever and President Ford and his counselor of the mission came up along with the whole group down in Gjakova, all of our members, investigators, and a few soldiers! It was such an empowering feeling to have so many faithful people gathered in one place learning the same beautiful gospel although we were spewing out into the hallway! haha. Our numbers are growing! What a great problem to have! The Spirit was very strong throughout the meeting and it was very strengthening for each and every one of the people there! Sister Robertson and I taught Primary and our lesson was on missionary work! All 6 of us missionaries, including the Gjakova Elders, taught them the song, "I hope they call me on a mission" in Albanian and of course they had never heard it before! They absolutely loved it! It is so cool to introduce these little children to the things that we grew up with our whole lives! Sister Jones, being the super woman she is, made lunch for everyone there! And there was just enough for everyone to leave with full bellies!!! She is the best. Sunday was a succecss!
Our Rockin' District just before the battle. (classic)
ps. Last Monday, our entire district got together and went paintballing! hahaha. Yeah talk about a blast and a half! It was probably borderlining some serious lines, but it was district leader approved, so we went! And boy, can I just say, BEST DISTRICT BONDING ACTIVITY EVER! It was such a fun time! One of the courses had 2 double decker buses that you could hide in as bunkers and it was so rad! Haha. Right before I got shot right in the mouth through my mask.. haha. Sheesh.. I was spitting out orange paint for 10 minutes!

This week is going to be a good one, I can feel it! I hope you all have a beautiful week as well and that all is going well for you!
love youuuu to piecessss!

Motra Forte