Monday, August 5, 2013

Letter #29: Gotta love em short and sweet!

My dear family and friends,

I am so sorry because I don't have much time to write this week! I came up and played in Macedonia today and sacrificed most of my writing time!

Just to catch you all up..
*Pajtim is still preparing for his baptism that will have to be slightly postponed due to some unsure feelings towards Heavenly Father being the "father" and Jesus Christ being the Son! We just keep telling him, "Pajtim, take all the time you need because these are some very HUGE necessary building blocks upon which your testimony needs to be established. He really is doing so well though.. Each and every day he grows in his faith. I can see it in his eyes. Yesterday, he was too tired to come to church, but he committed him to fast to recieve his answer about the church. He did just that and fasted at his home. We called him last night to check up on him and asked him how his day was! Without even asking, he said, "I fasted and it was great! I think I am starting to feel the Holy Ghost. I can feel in knocking at my soul!" DIRECT QUOTE!!!! Do those words just bring so much happiness to your hearts? Ahhhh.. It sure did to mine! I am so happy for him and excited to see so much progress!

Macedonia with Sis Robbie
*The Shtufi family is better than ever! They are loving the Book of Mormon and Valerjan is down to less than a pack of cigarettes a day! We gave him the "Quit Smoking Plan" from the church and bought him some of the items suggested in the plan. He was so appreciative and tried it out that night! One of the requirements is white grapefruit and white grapefruit juice! He tried it that evening and called me on the phone saying, "Oh Sister Forte, that juice is terrible." haha. If it gets 'em to stop smoking than its worth it!!! We are continually working with him to get rid of this nasty habit! This family really is the best and I have seen a complete and total change in both of their countenances. The Lord is walking with them every step of the way!

*This week the Soldiers donated a huge bag of white shirts and ties to the members here and Elder Jones d\taught all of them how to tie ties Friday night! It was so great to see how excited they all were to have their very own shirts and ties! Such a blessing. the Lord is working through the Soldiers as well!

*The Church is under construction right now and the whole side wall has been knocked out due to expansion! Yeah baby! ITS FINALLY HAPPENING!

Macedonia has been a blast today!!! IT IS SOOOO HOTTTTT. I am sweating so badly as I write this email to you all. haha.
I hope you all have a joyous week and enjoy the last month of your summer vacations!

I love you all to pieces. Keep praying for my investigators! I can feel your prayers and I know that you are all taking a part in my missionary work!


Motra Shauntel Louise Forte