Monday, August 12, 2013

Letter #30: "bringing light to those in darkness"

Oh what a beautiful week!
Us Prishtina missionaries kickin it at Mirusha!!!
*sorry the quality isn't spectacular!!! 
So my beautiful sissy jordan wrote this great line in her email to me this week and I couldn't help but love it, because it really is true! How incredible is it to be a part of God's army bringing the people of Kosovo this light? I am the luckiest girl in the world to be at the fronts of the Lord's ranks bringing in His elect people and hastening in the 2nd Coming! I LOVE THAT. I feel so incredible lucky to be apart of His work. Even though its just a tiny part of his vineyard, I have such a divine responsibility and the more I engage myself in this work, the more I want to do more, find more people that are ready for this gospel in their lives, and tell the whole country about these incredible truths!

Throwin up my shaka :)
for domi and jo jo!!!
This week was another great one. I don't know that I have had a week that hasn't gone great. Let's be honestttt. But this week was especially great because of the highlight... my family passed their baptismal interview and...
Chillin on top the falls!
I could not be more excited for them to make their first covenant with their Heavenly Father this week! It has been such a divine opportunity to take part in their "coming unto Christ", and this week, this whole quote, "bringing light to those in darkness" has really made itself manifest! In our final interview with the Shtufi's before their baptismal interview, I bore my testimony to them about the gospel and about how happy the Lord is about their decision to be baptized and enter into his fold! They both expressed to us how incredibly happy they both have been since finding the church and feeling the peace that the gospel brings. They have found the light and happiness that they both have been thirsting for. They are truly changed people. Valerjan has completely quit smoking after smoking for 20 years, and have replaced his packs of cigarettes with Big Red gum that Sister Jones picked up for us at the army base in Bonsteel! :)

Us and our Shtufi's with aferdita! :)
Aren't they just glowing?!
 They told us that the whole feel in their home is different since reading the Book of Mormon. Vali told us how he never gets upset or irritated anymore and how there is just a different feeling. A feeling of happiness! We explained to them that this is the Spirit of the Lord. They literally are beaming with light. BEAMING PEOPLE!!!!  When at first they came to the church in a state of distress, looking for help, they found the Spiritual help the Lord was desiring for them. Although there may be different reasons that people are brought to the church, the Lord has a bigger reason for it all! Hana found us about two months ago. She came to the church looking for help for her daughter, and it return, she found help for her family and found the answer to this life. How great is the work of the Lord! Please pray for my Shtufi family this week! Especially Vali so he can stay strong against the cigs!!!! Satan is a jerk.. Ya know that? He needs to keep his nose in his own business and stop messing with God's children! They will need all of the prayer and blessings they can get this week, so keep em coming! :)

Us with Aferdita after the baptism! She loved it.. :)
We are still working with Pajtim and helping him to strengthen his foundation in the Gospel. He has the faith it takes, He just needs a bit more time! He is really such an awesome and strong boy. He has made friends with all of our members and is practically already a part of the branch! He helped us translate on Sunday because he speaks awesome English and he did very well!

You know who else translated in church for the first time?? THIS GIRL!!! Yeah, so crazy. It was so scary and I definitely had some fubs, but it was so cool to realize that the Lord has helped me to learn a foreign language in such a short time period! I blows my mind to think that I can understand and speak a foreign language!! Although i am definitely not perfect, and I mess up all the time, I am able to communicate and be an effective tool in the hands of the Lord! HECK YEAH BABY!
The Marku Family after their baptism in Gjakova!!!
So amazing.. even with the froggies :)
This week we also went down to Gjakova with Aferdita for the baptism of a Catholic family of 5! The fifth little boy will be baptized in November when he turns 8! It was such a beautiful baptism even though it was in a murky pool with a bunch of frogs swimming everywhere.. hahaha. It was hilarious.. The family was literally beaming with light! They couldn't wipe the smiles off of their faces! The 12 year old girl, Genta, said, "I am just so happy to be baptized just the way Jesus was!" How special is that? It was great to bring Aferdita there to let her feel of the great power in that sacred ordinance! :) Time will tell.. :)

We visited Mirusha again today and the beauty of that place ceases to amaze me. 
I love you all so much and I want to let you know how grateful I am for all of your prayers, loves, and supports.. :) haha. 

love love love love love you,
Sister Forte <3