Monday, September 16, 2013

Letter #35: Buenos Aires, Argentina----->Tirana, Albania

Mirëmengjësi Familje ime!!!!!!!

So I don't have tons of time to write today cuz I got the greatest news of my life..


And I kinda had some important business to attend to.. bah!!!!!!!!! I am seriously freaking out.. I cannot wait for my older sister to be out here in the mission field with me!!!!!!! On opposite sides of the world, but both in the amazing work of our Lord and Savior! This is the best work we could ever get ourselves involved with. I love being a missionary and I love being a servant of the Lord!!!! Us Forte Sisters will be spreading the Gospel from coast to coast! haha. Motra... Hermana.. LOOK OUT ARGENTINES!!!!!!!!! YOU GOT AN INCREDIBLE THING COMING YOUR WAY!!!!!!

The cookies turned out pretty good!
Considering the ingredients.. haha. i love the Dedas!
Things have been so great this week. Seriously. Absolutely marvelous. I couldn't have asked for a better week! This week we taught so many lessons. Returning member lessons, retention lessons, and many new investigator lessons! 
We have been visiting the cutest family lately named the Dedas! Let's just say they are the cutest things ever. I am in love with all of them. In such a short time, I have already fallen hard. haha.
Last Monday we taught them a lesson on Faith and they were so receptive and responsive! They basically taught the whole lesson. Their little boy mentioned how it is important to grow our faith by coming to church.. After our lesson we taught them how to make chocolate chip cookies and they absolutley loved it! They gave us both our own individual aprons and were so excited. The cookies turned out good. Albanianized, but pretty good. The butter they used was fresh.. literally just churned from the cow! haha. So there for sure was an interesting taste in there, but good nonetheless!
We got a pic with the Deda's after Conference
and I am obsessed with it. i love them.
 and then.. the best part... drum-roll please.. THE ENTIRE FAMILY CAME TO DISTRICT CONFERENCE YESTERDAY!!!!!! We sat waiting for the meeting to begin, and in come the Deda's one by one! The parents, the daughter, the son, and their niece who is our new investigator! My heart was so filled with joy it was literally overflowing!!!!!! awhhhhhh.. Happiest day ever!

District Conference was so great! It was every branch in the country of Albania that met together to hear the words of our leaders, including Elder Charles from the Quorem of the Seventy! It was so great to feel of his great Spirit and strength. He said, "My dear brothers and sisters, I bring you the love from the Prophet and his Apostles." When he said these words I literally felt the Spirit so strongly. This man hangs out with the Prophet people! How cool it was to hear his inspired words and feel of his testimony! Obviously everything had to be translated over to Albanian, but the Spirit in that building was undeniable. There was no way the Spirit could have been lost in the translation!
Thats one thing that is so amazing.. All of God's children can understand one language and that is the language of the Spirit. What a blessing it is to feel of God's love for us through His Spirit. I love the Spirit.
I fell in love with the Gega family's little kitten..
his name is poopy.. i think.

Fun finding story.. Earlier last week, we went and stopped by this house and asked them if we could come in to teach them a lesson. They kindly said, "No, sorry we are putting the house in order and don't have time for anything like that.. Come back another time?" So after leaving their house, we didn't think much of it. Just another rejection. Get over it. Then yesterday, after lunch we went out and felt inspired to go back and visit this house again. I am not lying when I say that the Lord completely had been working on this couple. We came to the door and the wife said, "Sure, come on in!" We taught her and her husband all about the Book of Mormon and the Origination of it, and they completely were lovin it! The husband said, "Well of course, if this book is the written word of God, then why wouldn't I think it is true? I have faith." GOLDENS!!!!!! Ding ding ding.. we have a winner.. and they my friends, have completely been prepared by the hand of the Lord. So incredible. I am grateful for the spiritual prompting I recieved to go back to this house in which I thought was a hopeless case. 

Thats all I have time for today loves, but I love you all. This week has been an amazing week for the Forte family. That's for dang sure! I am so happy for you sissy!

Motra Forte :)