Monday, September 23, 2013

Letter #36: Rise up like the sun, labor till the work is done-- Be Still. The Killers.

This week has been wild.
My beautiful girls from Kosova!
Oh how I have missed them :)
It went by in the blink of an eye and I literally am tripping that I am here in this local writing home again on this beautiful P-day in Tirana, Albania.
Today was the best day ever! My beautiful ladies from Kosova, Valmira, Dafina, and Aferdita, came down for a YSA Conference down in Durrës tomorrow and they came to breakfast with us missionaries this morning, then came bowling with our District! It was such an exciting time to see all of them again.. They literally have a big piece of my heart those three, so when I saw them I literally couldn't contain all of my emotions! It was the best thing everrrrrrr.

So I don't know what is going on, but most of the missionaries in Tirana have been plagued with sickness the past 2 weeks and unfortunately we were hit! Sister Heathcote was pretty bad with fever achey chills, a cold, and threw up.. the whole bit on Saturday night, so we just kicked in our apartment to recover. I got a pretty gnarly sore throat and unfortunately still have it now. It feels like someone is carving the back of my throat with a potato peeler.. Sorry, terrible image. But its the worst. Hopefully it passes soon! The work must go forth!

I decided to give the bad news first then to give the good! That always the best way.. right?
This week was rad minus the bacteria infections and whatnot.. 
We totally got a picture with Adrian after our bench lesson! So rad..
About two weeks ago, Sister Heathcote and I were finding and without a bit of success, and 6'4 black man walked past.. (a bit of background knowledge.. it is very rare to ever see a black man, and if you do, he is from out of the country and it is likely that he speaks English.) Me, being the chocolate lover that I am said, "Black man! LETS GET 'IM!" So after literally chasing him down, we nonchalantly started up a conversation to share with him the Gospel! His name is Adrian and he is from France but he is here on vacation for sure would love to meet when he was free! We got to talking and he became so excited and told us that the missionaries had taught his mother when we was just a boy. SO RAD. We promised that we would get him a Book of Mormon in French and he was stoked! So then, we met with him, and lets just say, if I never have another success in my whole mission, I feel so accomplished to have had this experience of introducing the Gospel to Adrian from France. He was so completely hand-prepared by the Lord. It was no coincidence that we ran down Adrian on that day. Although this might sound kinda goofy, I know that the Spirit planted the desire in my mind to want to talk to this man. We taught him the Restoration and about the Book of Mormon and it was as if we finally placed the missing puzzle piece into his mind. The piece that has been lost his whole life. We gave him his Book of Mormon in French and he said, "Oh my goodness, I would have never thought I would have come to Albania to recieve the Book of Mormon in French. It was almost as if I was supposed to meet with you two sisters." He opened the book and said, "I am like a giddy little school boy that just recived his Christmas present! I am going to read this book tonight!" WHAT THE HECK. If that wasn't the most perfect response ever, I don't know what would be! He was for sure prepared. And the coolest part is, me and Sister Breea Linton will be crossing paths yet again in our work! I am sending him to her as a referral this week! So cool! He will get baptized. He just will.
This one is my favorite pup of the 7.. 
More pics will be on the way next week.

That was the most excited story of our week. Definitely. Another excited thing we are up to lately:
A few weeks ago we were walking along to one of our lessons and I heard a little whine from a small animal. I asked Sister Heathcote if we could go check it out and we found a whole litter of 7 puppies hidden underneath one of the wooden store stands at this flee market! I DIED.. We showed them to the Senior Missionary in our District who is obsessed with dogs, and we have been helping her feed them ever since! This week, our service project is to find homes for all 7 of them and so far we have 2 member families that want one! We are going to give them baths and deliver them tonight! OPERATION: SAVE THE PUPS!!!! It is so much fun! Hopefully we can find them all homes so they don't end up on the streets like the other 796 dogs running around the city! 

We found 6 new investigators this week and 2 of them are totally on board! They are friends and are both teachers! One is a professor of the French language, and the other teaches english to children. We taught them two lessons together this week and one of them, named Gert, came to church on Sunday! He is loving everything. Completely eating it all up. It is such a joy to teach him because he knows it is all true. We watched the Restoration movie with them, and Konstantinë said, "One word: Beautiful." They both loved it. I will keep you posted on them.. until next week!

I hope you all have a fabulous week and remember that a sister missionary out in Albania loves you very much!

Motra Forte