Monday, September 30, 2013

Letter #37: c'kemi. hi. hello. conichiwua.

What a week..
I really have limited time this week, but I wanted to catch you all up with me and whats the new and happening!! Sheesh. Well lets just say, the longer I am out the more and more I have been able to recognize the Lord's hand in my life. Sometimes I just have to take a step back and watch the miracles happen, because they are for sure happening! The Lord is in charge here. Not us.

This was inside a cave mosque in the side of the mountain!
The candles really set the mood. Kinda creepy.
They had just done some animal sacrifice outside of the cave. NASTY.
We started up an English course and passed out fliers all over Tirana. We had a rockin' turn-out and so many people were to excited to learn. At the end of each lesson, we teach 10 minutes of Religon, and boy!!!!!! This group was incredible. The Spirit was so strong and I just felt prompted to teach the entire Restoration! WHAT THE HECK?! You would think that they would be completely overwhelmed getting a big bite from such a short time, but they LOVED it!!! At the end of class, 8 people came up to us asking for a Book of Mormon and they all took one home! We plan to meet with all of them outside of English to help guide them in their personal conversions to Christ. 

We met with one lady from English named Luli. She is an angel that woman, with the strongest faith I have ever seen. To our first lesson she showed up having read 5 chapters of the Book of Mormon and was all fired up and excited to learn. We committed her to read and pray about the Book of Mormon to receive a personal witness of its truth and she said, "I already believe and know it is true. I can feel it!" She is unreal. This was the first meeting people!!!!! That is it! It was the coolest thing to see her great faith. We committed to do so anyways to confirm her believe of the Book of Mormon and she also accepted a date for baptism in 2 weeks. She is so willing to do everything the Lord asks her to do. She knows that she will be blessed as she does His will. She has definitely been searching for the truth for a longggggg time. We are stoked to keep meeting with her.

We finally got one good jumping one! haha.
The wind was insane.. (photoshop the garments out! haha.)
So I told ya a bit about the pups last week. So this week, we had one of the families give back one of the pups tonight because it didn't get along with their cats, so we had limited time to find this pup another home! She was put back with her brothers and sisters back behind the church, but we were scared her mom wouldn't take her back and feed her anymore because she smelt like people! ahh, so we searched and prayed that we would find someone to take the pup. We had an idea to visit this less active named Rajmonda and her adorable deaf daughter, Denota that could use a friend. She is completely coherent and has expressed to us how she would like something to do! WE went and she told us she has been looking for a puppy for a long time and would be delighted to take it! We were so excited, ran to the place of the pups and they were all gone! NOOOOOO! We were distraught. We felt so terrible that we had told this poor deaf girl that we would bring her a puppy and now we couldn't anymore. So... long story short, we are walking back from a lesson and a little boy off the street asks us, "Have you gotten anymore puppies?" We told him how they were all gone and he convinced us otherwise and found us a whole new liter of puppies! YAY!!!!! We hired one of the little street boys to crawl down in this hole to grab one for us to take to Denota for the deal of a new soccer ball! haha. DEAL! We took the pup to Denota and she was so ecstatic and lit completely up with joy! Later, Sister Andrews went back to check on the other pups and found the others in a box! This man made her pay 5 bucks for it and we found her a home as well with the Deda's! :) They love her and now she will have a great home, not on the streets! If we hadn't been in the right place, at the right time, and that boy on the street wouldn't have talked with us, none of this would have been possible! The Lord was so completely evident in this experience! Ahhh, I love Him and his divine guidance and help.

Albania!!!! The look out from up here was insane! :)
Next, our darling Suida! She is preparing for her baptism next week, and she was ready from day one. The Sisters found her 2 weeks before I came into the area, but we have completely clicked and bonded and she is just the cutest little hipster you would ever see! She speaks great English and is so committed to the Gospel already it feels like she is a member. This she called us up on the phone ecstatic. She told us she had great news to tell us when we met with her. When we went over to her house, she told us that she had felt it. She had read a piece of the Book of Mormon and sat and pondered for a short time.. instantly, the spirit came over her and enveloped her as if someone was hugging her. She explained that it was exactly the way we had explained it to her. She was so excited and said, "I know that this is the right path." It was so special to see how happy she was! 
The Gospel brings such great happiness to all people! Not just a few.. BUT ALL!

e di që ky ungjilli është e vërtetë me të gjithë zemrën time. kam shumë deshirë me tregu të gjithë njëriez në tiranë që ne kemi vërtetësi edhe s'ka një kishë tjeter që mund të sjellë aq më shumë lumturisë në jetën e tyre. unë e dua shpëtimtarin tim. e di që ai jeton sot edhe që ai është drejtuesi e kishës sonë. unë e lë këtë gjera në emër të jezu krishtit, amen.

me shume dashuri,
Motra Shauntel Louise Forte


1-3. We went to Kruje today! Its the biggest castle in Albania. 
Even though it was so rainy, it was so much fun!