Monday, October 14, 2013

Letter #39 The Lord is in Charge Here.

Matters of business:
My beautiful sister went through the temple this week! Congratulations beauty.. :)

Me and Sister Heathcote had an amazing week this week. 7 new investigators. SEVEN PEOPLE!
We took a trip to the artificial lake today! It was gorgeoussssss
Panarama of the lake :)
Yeah, and there is no way any of them were a coincidence. The Lord placed each of them perfectly in our path. As if it were one of those miraculous "meant-to-be" moments. Yeah no.. I'm not buying that. The Lord hand placed each of these wonderful people in our path. Its amazing how He works. He works in small in simply ways, and a lot of the time, we don't recognize His hand in the details. In the little things that you thought had no importance. Yeah, those are the little details that mean the most.
For instance, we went to go have a retention lesson which a Recent Convert and coincidentally they weren't there. So we decided to tract their Apartment building, went to the tippy-top and began knocking doors. The fourth door we knocked on was a woman who had a few lessons with the Elders 3 years ago. She had been to church a few times and loved it! Shortly after she got very sick and never met the Elders again! Yeah. That wasn't a coincidence in the slightest! The Lord knew that Mehmet and Lavdie wouldn't be in their home. He knew that Gushi would be home though and would welcome us in with open arms. 
Next. I randomly decided to go get my hair done by the cutest girl named Nora that is usually packed and has tons of people in her salon. And lo and behold, we show up and there was not a soul in the building. While we were waiting for my hair, we taught her the whole Restoration lesson and she was so interested. Completely engaged and was excited to learn more. I have no doubt that the Lord made it possible for that lesson to happen! Her salon is always full of people, but with the help of the Lord, the environment was prepared perfectly for us to have a lesson with her.
So cool to be a servant of the Lord as His tool to witness His many miracles. The Lord is 100% in charge here and I get front row seats to witness His mighty miracles. Oh boy. How I love being a missionary :)
The power randomly went out and now I have zero time to write this lettter, but I want you all to know  that I know this church is true. I am blown away day after day as I witness His hand moving His work forward and shaping me into the tool that I need to be to assist Him in this work. This is the best experience I have ever had in my life and I cannot wait for the many more miracles that lie ahead! 

Have the best week loves! :)
Put yo smile on, God loves you! ;)

Love Motra Forte<3