Monday, November 4, 2013

Letter #42 No tricks, only treats!

Ahhhhh, this week was such a fun one!!
Although Albanian doesn't celebrate Halloween, me and Sister Heathcote made it a fun week my making Halloween cookies and having a little Halloween party in our English Class! Everyone loved it so much! I definitely missed my spooktastic season, but, it was definitely fun being in a different country and bringing my American traditions with me! haha.
Here are my cute zombie Krasniqis! :) Aren't they the cutest? Jurgen looks like dylan! haha
Our cute Krasniqi's showed up at the church unannounced one day as they were confused about the day for our halloween party. We came up the stairs and it was pitch black, but we could hear giggling coming from our classroom! We walked in and all three of them, dressed up as zombies, jumped out and scared us! haha. It was so cute how excited they were to dress up because they don't usually do so! The church had a little party last week for halloween, but its nothing compared to our wild parties at home!

Elevator pics with our cookies! :)
The work was pretty good this week! We have been working a lot with our progressing investigators, Luli, the Krasniqi's and Suida, to help them progress toward their baptisms! Luli will be baptized this Saturday, but we decided to change the Krasniqi's to the end of November, because they aren't quite ready yet. Their sweet mother, Pranvera, is moving a bit slower than her children, so we decided that it would be best to teach everything to her speed so she doesn't get left behind.
Our cute cookies!! bahhhh, I loved them. They turned everyone's mouths colors! haha.
 They already love the Book of Mormon so much, but Pranvera hasn't had much time to pray about it to know that it is true. She is being a protective mother and wants to make sure she knows what she is getting herself into.. She doesn't know everything yet, but I know when she does, she will be thrilled to be baptized. It is much better this way knowing that they are all on the same level and growing together. On sunday I was anxiously waiting for them at the church and I called them to make sure they were on their way.. To my unpleasant surprise, their water and electricity had been out all night and all morning so they weren't able to shower and get ready for church. She was very upset and said how she refused to enter into the church all sweaty and gross from the day before. I told her that it didn't matter what she looked like, but she refused. So, what do we do? We wait with patience and help them to come the next week! haha.

Luli is so ready to be baptized. She told us that any later than this weekend would be way too far away. She is such a great woman. She worked as a seamstress for over 15 years, but this past year she was diagonosed with Parkinsons when her arm went completely paralyzed and disabled her to continue in her profession. It is better now, but she now has continual tremers and cannot lift her arm. It is similar to Grandpa, but she is only 45 years old. How terrible are these diseases!
She will be baptized on the Saturday, so please pray for her that everything goes well! I cannot wait! :)

I forgot to send this pic from the caves two weeks ago! Its a sea horse rock! haha.
We had an experience with a Jehovah's Witness lady yesterday that I thought was pretty cool. She invited us into her house as we were out tracting her building, and we played the "teach her a little, listen to her a little" game as she told us about her faith and we told her all about ours. As explained how our religion is different and I testified of the Book of Mormon, the Spirit was so incredibly strong and I know she felt it. I told her how we have a living Prophet, Thomas S. Monson, and that completely blew her away. I dunno if anything will come out of it, but it was such a testimony builder for me as every time we spoke about the true doctrine of Christ the Spirit was blazing! Then every time she said one word, it just had an empty feeling. THE TRUTH IS RIGHT HERE FOR YA BABY!!!!!
Ahh, I hope she felt it.

We are looking forward to a great week, and are all of you at home! I just wanted to Congratulate my baby girl, Hermana Forte as gets set apart tomorrow and she enters the MTC on Wednesday! She is going to kill it! :) 

I love you all, thank you for all of the prayers and love! I really feel them<3

me dashuri,

Motra Forte<3