Monday, December 2, 2013

Letter #44 Happiness

So this week was the kind of weeks where you look and think, "well, what did we learn from this week?" haha. The beautiful thing is each week is what you make it!
Sister Andrews, one of our dear Senior Couples, shared with us this beautiful quote that shaped my week. "The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything!" 
Isn't that the cutest! I just thought that was so applicable for this week! 
So what really defines our happiness as missionaries? Is it the few bumps in the road, or the great joy of bringing this gospel to those people that so desperately need it in their lives?
Here were some of our bumps:
1. At the beginning of the week, we mistakenly locked ourselves out of the house and had to wait until the next morning to get back in. So that was fun. bahaha. We had some good laughs!
 2. Then, about 6 of our lessons this week were "prished", therefore, they were cancelled and/or they did not show up. That put a minor damper on the week.
Elder Acheson captured the best picture of me telling some
nice man about the Book of Mormon! Isn't it the coolest? haha. I love it.
3. While we were street contacting together with the Elders a massive protest was coming around the corner and we had to pack up and leave quick! haha. We were having so much success too! BUMMER..
All is going SO well being back with Sister Robertson! I am so happy to be serving with her again. She is so adorable and has been such a great example to me. She is such a strength and I absolutely love her.
As for my wonderful people we are working with, I love them so much. I have fallen so in love with the Albanian people despite of their fun quarks!
Luli is doing so well and is wanting to help us out with our lessons, so its an extra bonus! 
I just keep thinking about how incredibly ready Luli really was.. Like if she was an apple, she would've been the ripest one! Maybe a marshmallow analogy would be better.. She was completely "golden" brown and gooey on the inside! :) haha. Okay, just joking. She is so amazing and her testimony just keeps growing and growing. She even told us she wants to serve a mission! WHAT?! haha.
So Suida is also doing so well. She has such a strong testimony and knows that baptism is what she is supposed to do! I love being a part of her growing process, because of her sincerity. She is so ready for this change in her life, although she has been living this way her whole life. 
Although we had a few setbacks/bumps in the road this week, we are walking on sunshine! woahhhhhh! And it feels real good! :D
Not every week in missionary work is going to go amazing, but we can notice the Lord's hands even in the down-weeks. He is the driving force of His work. I am His messanger and I will bring the world His truth!
I love you all so much. Thanks for being the best family ever and for all of your prayers!
I hope all is well back home and that your Thanksgiving Preparations are going well! haha.

Motra Forte

my camera isn't working i will send more next week! got to run! love ya