Monday, December 2, 2013

Letter #45 the week of thanks

This will be my second thanksgiving away from home, but this time around, it is taking on a whole new meaning. I feel as if I have come to a whole new sense of gratitude that I have never reached in my entire existence! It is mind-blowing.. I wish I could explain it in a more comprehensible way, but that's all I got!
Because it is the week of thanks, I thought I would start off with a few of my thanks.
This week I have been focusing on simply praying about what I am thankful for. I have been given so much and I have so much to be grateful for! So often we get sucked into the trap of asking, asking, asking, in our prayers, that we forget to thank, thank, thank! This is, in fact the most important thing we can do is show our gratitude for our Heavenly Father!
This week I went on an exchange with my dear Sister Kokol. 
She is a balleressss :) (those are her terms..)
I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary at this special time in the history of the church! This really is the prime time of missionary work and the Lord is hastening His work! I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father and for the great love He has for each of us that He sent His Beloved Son to us that we might be able to partake of His grace and happiness! I know that this is His plan of Happiness and if we but have faith in Him and act on that faith, we can take part in His eternal love that He so freely offers us.
Me and my dear Sister Robertson! We took this last week so her eye is looking solid now! :)
How amazing it is to be His messenger of truth and light. I wish I could just tell everyone how happy this Gospel makes me. There is no greater joy. I am sure of it.
We found this cool grafiti wall that says, "Beso!" which means "Believe!" I thought it was fitting ;)
I also am so grateful for all of my wonderful family and friends that are supporting me back home.. You are all my angels. Your little bits of encouragement and love rejuvenate me for another week of hard work. I am so blessed to have been surrounded with so many inspiring people that helped get be to where I am today.
I am so grateful for the Spirit. I have learned and grown so much being able to recognize when I have it, and when it leaves. I need it always in this work. Without it, I am nothing.. I am just another punk kid on the block wearing a name tag! But I am not. I am His representative and I will wear His name with pride.
The fight vs. Good and Evil. Woke up to this beautiful sight!
I am so grateful for my incredible companion Sister Robertson. She is such an phenomenal missionary in every aspect of the work. Her strength keeps me pushing forward and motivates me to work harder. She is my hero.
I lastly am so grateful for all of the amazing people the Lord has hand-placed in our path. We have been so very blessed to have had the Lord's guidance throughout this past transfer. This week I went on an exchange in 2nd and 4th Branch in Tirana and in those branches people are literally coming out of nowhere saying they want to be baptized! Like, WHAT THE?!! The Lord is preparing these people. In some cases, we hardly have to search! 

The work is going! We taught a new family this week, two kids, and the mom. The kids names are Bjorni and Bjornisa! They are the cutest and like many others, they were found in English course! HECK YEAH! Suida is getting baptized on December 7th and I can hardly sit still in my sit! I cannot wait for her. She is just so ready :)
As for my golden Krasniqi's.. a bit of sad news.. They have cancelled on us twice and we have not met with them for a whole week and a half. It is a bit discouraging, but I will not give up on them! They need these things in their lives. I will not stop!

This Thursday for Thanksgiving we are having a Mission Conference and I am so excited! My district has been practicing our talent show and it is going to be AWESOME!!! :) We will blow everyone's socks off!

Well family, I hope you have the best Thanksgiving and remember that a little missionary across the globe is grateful for you. You are the best family in the world and I am so blessed to have each of you in my life..

Love your love,
Motra Forte

Ju dua juve më shumë sesa ju mund të kuptoni!!!!!!! <3
This is me with Skënderbeu! He is an Albanian war hero! This is right in the Center of the City!