Monday, February 3, 2014

Letter #48 Bringing in the New Year.

My beloved family!
Ah, what a great joy it was to see you all on skype last week. It made my whole week. No. My whole year! You have no idea. You are the peanut to my butter. The blue to my skies. The straw to my berry. Corny. I know. I just love you all that much, thats all!
So this week has been a wild one already.
Mine and Sister Robertson's Christmas Card :)
We got our transfer calls..  and out of the blue.. I have been called to serve in Fier as the new STL, replacing my wonderful "mom" Sister Hoover, who just got home! Ah, so wild that she is home now! Fier is in the South and happens to be a pretty struggling area, so we are going to knock it out of the park! I am so excited to be the Sister Trainer Leader. I am serving with the cutest girl, Sister Wendt! She is adorable. I cannot wait to see how this transfer will pan out. 
Yeah, I get to drive cars now. Crazy right? I am so excited about it really. But a bit nervous because these Albanians are out of control.. Really. They do not even follow their own traffic laws! haha. What traffic laws? It is the most outrageous organized chaos I have ever witnessed in my whole life. Let the adventures begin. Welcome 2014 baby! 
Yesterday in my final lesson with Eli, our progressing investigator, we finally got her committed on a baptism date. She had a change of heart and now totally wants to be baptized. Such a great way to end the transfer :)
Last night was the most incredible thing. These Albanians sure know how to bring in the new year! Let's just say, they put us Americans to shame man! Our lame firework shows are like  wimpy sparklers compared to these babies! 
It was a war. An absolute war zone. Right outside our balcony. What a great experience it was being able to spend my last night in Tirana on New Years. So wild.
It was one night to remember that's for sure.
Well I don't have much time, but I just want to letcha know how much I love you all! For real, I have the best "cheering section" back home any missionary could ask for.  You are the best of the best..
I love being the Lord's Servant. This is His work and it is absolutely wonderful.

I hope you all had a Happy New Year! It probably wasn't as wild as mine ;)

love always,

Sister Forte :)