Monday, February 3, 2014

Letter #52 on an island in the sun..

So I know I am not more fun than your island in the sun, but I hope I you can take a minute between pina coladas to remember your white missionary in the cold humid Albania. haha.

we went to the beach for p-day again and played futbol!
real chilly today but really fun! this is my cute tri-panionship!
I got onto email today and my sweet Hermana Forte got her visa baby!!!!!! Bah, it was impeccable timing because she leaves in an hour for Argentina! Ahhh, I love how things work out so nicely! :)

Well to start things off on a funny note, I got pulled over for my first time in Albania and it was the funniest experience of my life. Such a joke. So this is how it works. There are policia officers that stand on the side of the road in yellow vests and when they want to pull you over, they hold their lolly-pop waver thing at you and you are just expected to stop! hahah. It is the most classic thing ever! Really you could just drive right on by! So anyways, I am driving fairly quick on the autostrot and all of the sudden, here comes the lollipop! I wasn't scared or intimidated by any means because.. well to say this plainly.. I am American! haha. They love us here! So I roll down the window and the police officer says, "Miredita!" I answered back as terribly as I could muster up and said, "Meer deeta!" Immediately he knew I wasn't from here and he asked me in his terrible english, "Ware arr yew frum?" 

Then he turned to his other cop friend and said, "Hey these guys are Americans!" 
haha. He told me to carry on my way and drive safe! What a joke. I laughed so hard afterwards! He didn't even ask for my liscence! Man, if I would have been in America I would've gotten a beating! Fewf.. Such a great experience!

This week the work was really good. We have been non-stop busy! Seriously I feel like the Energizer bunny, but a really tired one!
we found the cutest little pup on the beach today! who knows where she came from!
this is elder morava. my albanian district leader. he is the best :)
This week we got my top number of lessons ever.. 27 baby! I know this work isn't about numbers, but it is great to count up your progress at the end of the week. The Lord has blessed us with great people to teach.

Mimoza, Besiana, and Aleksandra: These cuties are now all three on baptism dates for the third week of February. They have so much faith and hardly even took a breath before saying yes to baptism! They all seem so very ready for the gospel in their lives! Then, on Saturday they all stayed for 3 full hours! Talk about a miracle! :)

Bukuria, Bil Bil, and Nebi: Yes they all might have somewhat strange names, but they are the cutest family you have ever seen. I had a very humbling experience this week going to their house. They live out in a village called Patos outside of Fier and they live in very poor circumstances. One room they all sleep in and a tiny kitchen. Luckily they had a rockin wood burning stove to heat the whole place, but it broke my heart. These people have nothing but literally would give anyone the shirt off of their back. They are scheduled to be baptized in February also, but they have yet to come to church in Fier. Problem.. although this week it was probably a good thing they didn't.

This week at church a fight broke out when silly 13 year old boys were making fun of the girl leading the music. She ran out crying and the mothers of the two literally were fuming yelling and causing the biggest scene I have yet to see on my mission. Sheesh. Poor Sister Wendt got in there and had to hold the parties back so they would calm down. These Albanians man. They are quick to anger, but they are the most loving people. I have yet to figure this one out in my head.. Go figure.
There are many issues that need to worked out with the branch.. and the work of the Lord continues :)

Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful sun baske! Get some sun for me will ya loves? I love you all so much!
Until next week,
Sister Shauntel Louise Forte

love you all forever :)