Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Letter #55 I will follow you.

Oh my dear family,
Shkoder welcomed me into the city with a nice poop to the face by some ignorant pigeon..
 It was DISCUSTING to say the least. It slid down my face, my jacket, and on my arm!!! bahaha. 
I could not stop laughing. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better! haha.
I just love you. Did you know that? Lately things around these parts are making me miss my wonderful family a wholeeee lot! Some weeks are definitely better than others, but this one, was just "one of those weeks". Ya know? I feel like coming towards the final months of my mission the Lord wants me to be the best missionary I can be, and there is a bit of refining to do. Fier is my refiner's fire. I thought training in Prishtina as a fringo fare was hard enough, but this branch has sure knocked it out of the park my friends! haha.
I am doing really well, really.. Just sometimes life knocks ya down and you just gotta get back up again! haha. "I get knocked down, but I get up again. and nothing's gonna keep me down!" 

wooooof. Its gonna be a rockin' ride.

This week was pretty unreal! We had a whole lot going on and somehow, by some miracle by the Lord's hand, we got it all done!
 We did an exchange with the Sister's in Shkoder this week, the northern most part of the country, and it was wild. 3 hours up four hours back. It was an awesome time with them because we were reunited with our beloved Sister Sejati that left us about 3 weeks ago! And it was just great helping the sister's get more work up there. Street Contacting all day man!!!!! It was nuts. Shkoder is a really tough area. They have about 3 Albanians in church every sunday and the struggle is real. Hopefully after the exchange the sisters can get back up on their feet!

Right after our exchange we had to go to a doctor appointment for Sister Tengu, our Albanian, then seriously rocket back to Fier because us Fier missionaries were chosen to be filmed for the "Creation of the Stake" mormon message from the church!! And guess who was chosen to do an interview? This girl.. Yeah. It was pretty awesome. But the whole thing was in Albanian! We had to awkwardly have a fake lesson with the help of some members, then we street contacted and they shot some footage from that! So hopefully it turns out real nice ;) It will be about a 4 minute video!

Me and Wendy in from of some fountain in Shkoder! I thought it looked cool. 
(An albanian snapped the foto, hence, the lack of quality in the foto)
So Sister Wendt and I have decided that the only thing that is consistent in Fier are the problems. There is always a new problem arising and each week it is a new battle to try and resolve it. Its pretty exhausting but, what do you do? THIS WORK IS STILL MOVING!!!!!!
This week we got our cute investigator, Tea, on a baptism date and just as I was gearing up to ask her about baptism, she got a big smile on her face and said, "Yes I will be baptized! It has been in my plans this whole time! ahhhh, what a refreshing thing it was to hear that response! :) This girl is ready. Its the silver linings like this one that make this work all worth it!

My love for the Savior is continuously growing as I engage myself deeper into His work, and this week a song made a huge impression on me.. 
The Lyrics say, 
Where you go, I'll go,
Where you stay, I'll stay
Where you move, I'll move,
I will follow you.
The Licaj's awesome grandma. She is the once that is 86ish years old and smokes. 
Her new years resolution this year was to die! How terrible is that? bahhhhhhhhh.
I absolutely love those words and I know this is the way we all should be. It is only through Christ that we can find true and lasting happiness and if we faithfully follow Him until the end, we will have all that He has. I love this Gospel. I know with all of my heart that it is true and that it is He is at the Head of this Church. He loves us all. And He wants all of His children to know the truth. 
Missionary. noun.-- Someone who leaves their family for 18 months, so others can be with their family for Eternity. 
This is the truth people.
I love you all to heaven and back and I hope you all have a fabulous week ;)
Keep smiling and remember that your missionary in Albania loves you!

Motra Forte<3