Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Letter #54 Shqipëria do bëhet një kunjë!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
Yeah, can you believe it? We just received word this week that Albania will be made a stake on March 9th and I get to be present to witness it! How cool is that? It is going to be so rewarding to be a able to see the fruits of our labors come all together. I cannot wait for that great day!

Here is me and Elder Lindermann with some wack job in Fier.
 Haha. She always dresses up in this dress and walks around Fier dancing. Such a crack up!
Oh what a beautiful day it was today! Blue skies. T-shirt weather. The sun shining on our face. Bliss. Us missionaries went to this beautiful fshat (village) called Ballsh today and boy, was it beautiful! I felt like I stepped into a time machine and went back a few eras, and it was incredible. We went and saw this old ancient city that really has been left in ruins that looked over the valley and on the way we passed by several horse and buggies, shepherds herding their sheep, and men riding their donkeys into town. So cool. I feel like P-day always rolls around right when I need it!

We have a new companion now! Sister Tengu was put with us after our beloved Sister Wheelock went home and we are happy to have yet another Albanian with us! It was been a completely different experience with this one and I have a good feeling it is going to be a bit rough. Sister Tengu is an awesome missionary but has some serious medical issues that restrict her a bit. We are working hard together and my patience is being tried and strengthened. That's for sure. 

Me and Elder Morava (our albanian DL) walking home from a FHE

The work is continuing to roll forth. This week we had an awesome lesson with my dear Emily from the Peace Core. Remember her? Yeah. PRetty much I love teaching her. I feel like I have known her my whole life. It is a really wild feeling that I haven't experienced very many times. We watched the Restoration Movie in English which was the first time I had the opportunity to do so for a very long time and the Spirit was almost tangible. I cannot even explain it in words for you to understand, but it was very powerful and I know Emily felt it too. She told us she loves how our religion is centered around finding out answers for ourselves. She told us she would pray to know if these things are true and I just cannot wait to hear back from her. 

We played Billardo last week! Pool baby.. We are cool like that :)
Pool in Albania is like an old man's game. We got some serious looks that day! haha.
We are still working with Klara and her children, Eva, Orges, and Silvia and they are painfully shy. The kids are so shy it is hard to even ask them how their day at school was.. but. Despite all of this, Orges, a 13-year-old boy,  the shyest of them all, said his first prayer and it was simply beautiful. I was so impressed a special feeling came from seeing these wonderful people communicate with their Father in Heaven for the first time. I stand in awe every time I realized how blessed I really am that I have been raised in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Most of these people are finding out for the first time who Jesus Christ is and what He has done for them and once they hear it, a little light is switched on, and it is as if they have known it all along. It is the sweetest thing to watch.. 
(Ooooooooh, the sweetest thing.. -I had to put in some of the best..U2)
ps. I heard their new song, "Ordinary Love" or something like that and I really love it. I think it is still new anyways. Maybe I am just wayyy out of it.

So life is good. Life is great. I love being a missionary. And I want you all to know how much I love my Savior. I feel that since coming out, I have developed this strong relationship with Him and I know for a surety that He knows and loves me. This is His church and it is the only true way to happiness. This I know and hold very dear..

I love you all so much as well and hope you have a rockin' week!
love you always,
Motra Forte<3