Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Letter #56 IM A COUGAR BABY!!!!

So I thought I would get the big news out of the way first!
That's right! I am a true cougar now! This girl got into BYU Provo baby! Woo hoo! I am so excited! My excitement is just exploding at the moment! :) The Lord really does bless His missionaries!

this is our fun group of missionaries at the San Francisco in Shkoder! So nostalgic ;)
This week was a wonderful week my friends. NOt only is the work in Fier goin

g so well, but we also had our Motra Training with all of the Sisters in the mission and it was amazing! It was definitely time for all of us to get to gether and to be united in this mission together. Some of the sisters were having some really rough times, we're not excluded, and the training was exactly what we all needed. Sister Ford, President's wife, gave an awesome training about how though our circumstances may be difficult, we can overcome every obstacle with the help of the Lord. She shared a quote with us from Elder Dallin H. Oaks from a clip called "Hastening the work of Salvation in Europe" (its really awesome, go watch it!) that said, 
“When you are involved in the work of the Lord, the power behind you is always greater than the obstacles before you."
Is that not powerful? We as His servants have been blessed with His power. We can do all things in His strength. He is the power that gets us through the next day. He is the motivation that gets me out of bed each morning. He is the reason that my heart feels joyful when a lost sheep finds the truth. It is all about Him. This really is His work.
Man I love being a missionary. Although the trials and troubles are very evident, the sweetness of the work overpowers all. What a special time it is to be a missionary. I feel so blessed to be out here to say the least.

What a good time! i love my mission ;)
In Fier right now we are 3 progressing investigators, Tea, 17 years-old, Marisa, 13-years-old, and last but not least, Alketa, who is the mother of the Elder's investigators, Donald and Silvia, who are getting baptized hopefully this next week! They are all such a blessing from God right when things were really tough. Alketa is praying about being baptized with her children and she is  very sincere. She doesn't want to do anything without knowing for sure. I completely respect her and I agree with her. Lets all pray for her that she gets her answer! :)
Both Tea and Marisa, Alketa's niece, are preparing for their baptisms, all they need is to finish out the lessons! I love when the Lord makes it so easy for us! One thing that I have really come to realize on my mission is the role that I play as a missionary. I really am just the tool. The Lord is doing all the rest. It's as if I am literally the Lord's hands. He just needed  a vessel to act out the work. He is behind us all!

This gospel is deep man. Really deep. I learn more and more every single day and I am completely humbled each time I realize how little I really know. I love this gospel. I love the Lord and I am so happy to be serving Him with all that I am.

Well I hope you all have a killer week this week! I hope the sun is shining bright and the flowers are coming out! :) Yay for Spring!

love you all so much,
Motra Forte<3

have a great week loves!
until next week xoxo