Monday, May 5, 2014

Letter #61 A diamond in the rough

Okay so lets me honest.
I have no time to write today because I got my hair did.. haha. And it looks GOOOOOOOOOOOD. Just so you know ;)
This week has been so awesome! I am serving with my "dream companion" Sister Kokol.. and to be honest.. we are like sisters! We are laughing 100% of our time together and having such a good time! But not just that.
We have such great companionship unity and we teach so well together. Like our teaching chemistry gets an A+.
The spirit has been so strong with us this week and we are beginning to see some serious amazing things happen here in Fier.. I can just feel it.
We have 5 baptismal dates and they are all pretty solid people. The Lord is seriously blessing us.
We are working with the twins mom, Liza, and she is so solid. She is so ready for the gospel and it just a gem. "A true diamond in the rough." haha. To quote aladin and all that jazz. She has been through the ringer with her crazy twin boys and all of their immaturities, but she is truly a gem. I cannot wait for her to be baptized. Yesterday she said she was nervous to be baptized because she is in fear that she won't be able to be the perfect member. WE assured her that even as missionaries we are not perfect. But the important thing is that we try. The Lord loves us and will help us always.
Yeah, so this final transfer is going to be sick.. I really am just so pumped about it and am so excited to be working with Sister Kokol, my girllllllll!
I love you and hope you have a great week!

love Sister Forte<3